The GET READY TO ROLL! website is currently being overhauled, and not all of the archived interviews are back online yet. But we're working on it, and hopefully they soon will be!

Okay, here's how we roll...

In the ROLL OF HONOUR section are the interviews with established names in the music business. These include guitar maestro VINNIE MOORE, maverick guitarist BERNIE TORMÉ, drummer SIMON WRIGHT, BRIAN TATLER of Diamond Head, and the late MEL GALLEY formerly of Whitesnake and Trapeze.
http://www.getreadytoroll.comOn the LET IT ROLL page are interviews with up'n'coming bands, and also with musicians who've been rolling along under the radar. In the ROLLING STOCK section we salute the unsung heroes - the people who work behind the scenes to keep the show on the road - the tour managers, the promoters, the t-shirt sellers, the stage-crews etc., those whose job it is to make sure the wheels are oiled and that the bands are on a roll.
Interviews here include journalist GARRY BUSHELL, lighting director DAVE LIGHTS (the genius who gave us Iron Maiden's Eddie), band manager (and wife of Y&T's main man) JILL MENIKETTI, and rock photographer KEVIN NIXON.

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